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Windshield Chip Repair: Can It Be Repaired Twice?

If a windshield chip develops in a different area than a previous chip, then the windshield can be repaired multiple times – as long as the damage is in a different spot each time. However, a spot that’s been damaged twice, or if the damage has spread after it’s been repaired, cannot be repaired twice.

Windshield chip repair involves injecting resin into the glass to repair the damage. This resin cannot be removed, and more resin cannot be injected. If you have a windshield chip that continues to get worse even after repair, you will likely need to a windshield replacement.

Why Damage Spreads After Windshield Repair

The main objectives of windshield repair are to prevent the damage from getting worse and to restore the windshield back to its original integrity. While most windshield chip repairs are successful, sometimes, the damage spreads even after a repair. Here are some common reasons this happens.

1. The resin did not cure properly

The resin that was injected into the damage was either not given the appropriate time to cure or was not able to properly cure due to bad weather. Rain and cold temperatures can interfere with the curing process, which is why it’s important to keep the windshield dry after the repair.

This issue is common with DIY windshield repair kits, because of the generic instructions that don’t address proper curing techniques. At Aspen Auto Glass, we use a thorough process to ensure that the resin is worked into the glass and is cured correctly:

  • We begin the injection cycle, which consists of approximately 15 minutes of alternating vacuum and pressure cycles. This allows the resin to work its way into all the ends of the chip break and remove the air.
  • At the end of the cycle, while the repair is still under pressure, the resin is cured by UV for 40 seconds. This ensures that the resin is held into all the ends of the chip break.
  • We then remove the injector head, and the origin of the chip is filled with a pit resin and again cured for 40 seconds. This different resin is designed to be exposed to harsh environmental elements, thus providing a longer life for the repair.

2. The windshield was not cleaned before the repair

Dirt inside the windshield crack prevents the resin from properly bonding to the glass. With professional windshield chip repair, technicians have powerful vacuums and the right tools to ensure that small particles are removed. If you’re using a DIY windshield chip repair kit, it can be challenging to thoroughly clean the damage.

3. Improper windshield repair

Although auto glass shops advertise professional windshield chip repair, unfortunately, many technicians still use the old way of drilling and heating a windshield, which can do more damage than good.

At Aspen Auto Glass, we use an advanced computerized windshield repair system, which is currently the most user-friendly system that is fully automated. This enables us to return your windshield to its original strength.

We first move the vehicle to a controlled environment, allowing the glass to get to a working temperature. We do not work outdoors or “in the parking lot” as any fluctuations in temperature put stress on the windshield.

Choose Quality Windshield Repair

More often than not, the success or failure of a windshield repair depends on how skilled the auto glass technician is. When it comes to something as important to your safety as your windshield, it’s best not to take shortcuts and choose a reputable auto glass company. The shop you go with can make the difference between a simple repair or a costly replacement.

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