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Windshield Repair

Get same-day windshield repair in Canmore

With over 16 years of experience in the auto glass business, we’ve been able to provide professional service, expertise, and quality products to our customers. We’ve repaired and replaced thousands of windshields in our Canmore shop, always ensuring quality and integrity in the work we do.

When you need same-day windshield repair services on a small chip or crack, you can count on us. Give us a call and we can service your vehicle as quickly as possible.

Expert Repairing Windshield in Canmore

Why repair your windshield instead of a replacement?

At Aspen Auto Glass, we will never sell you a service that you don’t need. We will first consider whether any damage to the auto glass can be repaired before we consider a replacement. If we are not able to repair the damage, we will discuss the replacement options with you so that you can make an informed and honest decision.

When the damage is small

A chip or crack can easily be repaired before the damage spreads.

Saves you money

Getting small damage repaired saves you hundreds of dollars.

Saves you time

A small chip or crack only takes between 30 – 45 minutes to complete!

When is it the right time for your windshield repair?

As soon as you see damage, no matter how small! A tiny chip or crack can quickly spread and require a full windshield replacement if it’s not attended to right away. Fluctuations in temperature, dirt, vibrations while driving, and the shutting of doors can cause the damage to worsen. This highlights the importance of having your windshield repaired as soon as possible.

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How we fix rock chips

The old way of drilling and heating a windshield creates more damage to the structure than the rock chip itself. Unfortunately, there are still technicians who use the outdated method of repairing windshield rock chips. At Aspen Auto Glass, we use an advanced computerized windshield repair system, which is currently the most user-friendly system that is fully automated. This enables us to return your windshield to its original strength.

Here’s how we repair your windshield:

Move vehicle into the controlled environment of our shop. We do not work outdoors or “in the parking lot”. By working on vehicles in a controlled environment, we are able to warm the complete vehicle to a working temperature at +10C in the winter. During the summer, we cool the complete vehicle to below 20C.

Evaluate the complete vehicle’s windshield. Clean the windshield to find all chips.

Allow the complete windshield to attain a working temperature, thus alleviating any hot spots causing stress in the glass.

Clean the chip of any loose glass and debris. Install the injector head and prepare for the repair.

Begin the injection cycle. The cycle consists of approximately 15 minutes of alternating vacuum and pressure cycles. This allows the resin to work its way into all the ends of the chip break and remove the air.

End the cycle. At the end of the cycle, while the repair is still under pressure, the resin is cured by UV for 40 seconds. This ensures that the resin is held into all the ends of the chip break.

Curing. The injector head is removed and the origin of the chip is then filled with a pit resin and again cured for 40 seconds. This different resin is designed to be exposed to harsh environmental elements, thus providing a longer life of the repair.

Dress and clean. The chip is now dressed, making it smooth and level with the surrounding glass. It is then polished, making it almost invisible to the eye. The windshield is then completely cleaned.


The benefits of windshield repair can be confusing! With so many variables at play, it’s easy for auto glass shops to provide confusing and distorted facts to consumers  in order to sell a higher priced service than what is required. Knowing the basics before you head out to get windshield repaired is the best way to stay ahead of the game.

Below are a few frequently asked questions and answers to get your started:

How long do you keep the tape on after replacing a vehicle windshield?

In our shop, we only keep the tape on an hour after installation of the windshield. Once the customer is able to pickup their vehicle with a new windshield or other glass, we are able to remove the tape.

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