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Common Sunroof Problems - Aspen Auto Glass

Common Sunroof Problems: Why They Happen and How to Fix Them

Your sunroof is an important component of your vehicle. It floods your car with fresh air, illuminates it with natural light, and can even raise its value. But are you aware of your sunroof’s susceptibility to damage if not correctly maintained? At Aspen Auto Glass, we are your sunroof glass replacement specialists. And with nearly 25 years in business, our technicians can meet your windshield repair and replacement needs. Keep reading to learn the common sunroof problems and how to fix them.

1. Leaky Sunroof

Does your sunroof leak water during or after rainfall? A leaky sunroof is typically the result of obstructed drain tubes or worn-out rubber seals. If not addressed quickly, this problem might require a sunroof glass replacement. Why? Leaking water can lead to other car problems. For instance, it can cause significant damage to your interior and, as a result, compromise your car’s resale value.

Other problems of a leaky sunroof can include:

  • Fried electronics due to moisture
  • Rust problems
  • Fabric damage to your car’s interior

2. Cracked or Fragmented Sunroof

Sunroof glass is hardwearing; however, it’s not unbreakable. A fractured sunroof, even if the damage is minor, should be repaired immediately. Such cracks increase the odds of your window shattering while on the road. Some common causes of damaged sunroofs are accidents or large objects hitting your car. If you park your car in a garage, ensure no overhead storage is hanging above, as it may fall on top of your vehicle.

3. Electrical Issues

A problem that worries many car owners is a sunroof that cannot close. Unserviceable sunroofs are typically the result of a defective motor, damaged fuse, or compromised switch. Such issues could be caused by debris accumulation within the gear or general wear and tear over time.

How to Fix Your Sunroof Issues

Your sunroof might seem like standard equipment—a simple product design. However, it’s not a good idea to try fixing it alone. You could accidentally worsen the issue. Consequently, it’s crucial to contact experts who can handle such problems. At Aspen Auto Glass, we are a team of expert technicians who can help.

The best way to fix your sunroof issue is to get in touch with specialists. So contact us today for your sunroof glass replacement needs.

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