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Broken Side Mirror: Replacement Options in Canmore

You climb into your vehicle, and as you back up from your parking spot, you glance at your side mirror and realize that it’s cracked. A broken side mirror could be due to flying debris, someone opening their door and accidentally hitting your car, or someone vandalizing vehicles for no good reason.

The first thing we need to determine is what part of the side mirror is broken – the base, the mirror glass, or the cover. If the mirror is the only thing that’s broken, you can take your vehicle to a professional auto glass shop that offers side mirror replacement and have it repaired quickly.

Side mirror replacement options

Unlike windshields made of strong laminated glass, side mirrors are made of tempered glass that cracks easily. While you can get windshield chip repair to fix minor damages, broken side mirrors typically require a full replacement. Here are a few options for replacing your vehicle’s side mirror:

  • An auto glass expert – Having your side mirror replaced by an auto glass shop is ideal, as they specialize in auto glass repair and replacement. Auto glass technicians are trained and skilled at completing auto glass replacements with precision and know how to recalibrate any Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.
  • Go to your dealership – Your dealership’s service department usually provides side mirror replacement services. However, keep in mind that dealerships typically charge more and, unlike a professional auto glass shop that focuses on one area, their work on auto glass repair and replacement may not be as precise.
  • Through your insurance company – Depending on the cause of the damage and your insurance coverage details, the cost of side mirror replacement may be covered by your insurance. Your insurance company may recommend one of their preferred shops, or you can choose your own.

Why it’s important to fix a broken side mirror right away

Compared to more prominent vehicle components like the engine, steering wheel, tires, and windshield, among others, it can be easy to overlook how vital side mirrors are for our safety. However, think about how often you use your side mirror when parking, switching lanes, backing up, checking for pedestrians before you open your car door, and maneuvering around tight spaces. These actions are impossible with a broken side mirror, and the safety of you and others on the road is at risk.

Simply put, damaged side mirrors are a safety risk. Furthermore, you can get fined for a broken side mirror or any damaged auto glass, as they are critical safety components. Any damaged auto glass should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Where to find side mirror replacement services in Canmore

If your side mirror or other auto glass components need replacing, you can get a free estimate from Aspen Auto Glass or call us at 403-678-6621. When you need professional auto glass repair or replacement in Canmore, our experienced team at Aspen Auto Glass can get you back on the road quickly and safely with services you can trust.

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