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Happy Holidays From Aspen Auto Glass

Happy Holidays From Aspen Auto Glass!

Our team here at Aspen Auto Glass wants to wish you and your family a

Broken Side Mirror - Aspen Auto Glass

Broken Side Mirror: Replacement Options in Canmore

You climb into your vehicle, and as you back up from your parking spot, you

Fixing a Scratch in Auto Glass - Aspen Auto Glass

Scratching the Surface: Fixing a Scratch in Auto Glass

Chips, cracks, and scratches are found in abundance among the windshields of Canmore vehicles due

Common Sunroof Problems - Aspen Auto Glass

The 2 Most Common Sunroof Problems and What Causes Them

A luxury that was once only afforded to the most wealthy, sunroofs have become increasingly

How Long Does Windshield Replacement Take

How Long Does Windshield Replacement Take?

Providing up to 45% of the structural integrity to the cabin during a front-end collision

Car in auto service - Aspen Auto Glass

Windshield Chip Repair or Replacement: How To Tell Which Is Right For You

We’ve all been there; you’re driving through the mountains, and the vehicle in front of

Windshield glass repair - Aspen Auto Glass

A Guide To Windshield Chip Repair In Canmore

Thwack! You’re driving down the highway and you hear that dreadful sound of a rock

Woman in car with broken windshield - Aspen Auto Glass

How To Prevent Windshield Cracks And Chips

Scheduling a windshield chip repair only to need another one a short while later is

Replace The Windshield - Aspen Auto Glass

Is It Necessary To Replace The Windshield On An Old Vehicle?

Over the years, vehicle components go through normal wear and require replacement. Some car owners

Windshield Repair - Aspen Auto Glass

DIY Windshield Repair Kits: Are They Worth It?

If you have a small chip on your windshield, it’s tempting to try to fix