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Glass Water Repellant

Increase visibility in difficult weather conditions

Our water repellant treatment helps protect your car from rain, snow, and the elements by creating an anti-adherent surface on the glass. It is chemically bonded to the glass and forms a coating unlike other wax-based or topical coatings, providing a greater life span for the product.

Our treatment allows your vehicle’s glass to be ultra hydrophobic, which means that the water droplets bead off the glass at a much lower angle, reducing its tendency to adhere to the glass. As a water-repellant, rain and snow will slide off the glass and provide clearer vision during tough weather conditions. Snow and frost do not adhere to the glass as easily, making it easier to clean. Another advantage of glass water repellant for your vehicle is that it reduces glare to provide greater optical clarity, which aids in night driving. Windshields with minor pits and scratches can also benefit from our glass water repellant treatment.

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Water Repelant FAQs

What is the best water repellent for my vehicle’s windshield?

A water repellent is a great product to aid in not only rain but also during winter. During winter the product releases snow and ice from the glass, so not as much snow cleaning or ice scraping. We offer two different water repellent products, the main difference between them is their expected life span.

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